Questions marked with a * are required Exit Survey
       Wright County Community Action
              Community Assessment
Community Involvement
1. Do you volunteer in your community? If not, please let us know why. (check all that apply)
No, I don’t have any interest
No, I don’t know about opportunities
No, I don’t have time
No, I don’t have childcare
No, I don’t have transportation
No, I don’t think I have the skills to help
No, for another reason not listed above

2. What is your comfort level with the following?
Very Comfortable Comfortable Not Comfortable Very Uncomfortable
Allowing children to play outside
Talking with my neighbors casually
Having close relationships in my community
Walking in my community
Biking in my community
Feeling a part of my community
Participating in public forums
3. Are you registered to vote?
No, I choose not to vote
No, I am not eligible to vote
No, I don’t know how to get registered
4. How do you prefer to learn about community events, opportunities and programs? (Check all that apply)
Newspaper articles
Local radio broadcasts
Flyers hung around town
Brochures and pamphlets
Newsletters (city/church/school)
Social media
Community/city websites
Word of mouth

* 5. What is your Zip Code:
6. What are the strengths of your community:
7. What is the last grade you completed
9th-12th non-graduate
High School graduate or GED
12+ (some post-secondary)
2 or 4 year college graduate
Graduate of other post-secondary school
8. Are you currently attending school?
Yes, I'm working on my High School Diploma or GED
Yes, I'm working on a certificate or associates degree
Yes, I'm working on a bachelor's degree
Yes, I'm working on my Master's degree
No, I have reached my education goal
No, I do not have the money
No, there is not a convenient location
No, I do not have the time
No, but I would like to, but I need help getting started